Mahendra Daji Architects | About


Mahendra Daji Architect Limited is an intentionally small practice. It is a NZIA practice.

I am an NZRAB Registered Architect. I was born and bred in Whanganui and then studied architecture in Auckland.

After many years working in the commercial sector of the profession I decided I needed to go back to an architecture that garnered a more personal approach to design and work on a more intimate scale. For too long I had missed out on these important aspects of my chosen profession and realised that by working for myself I could provide a more thoughtful and rich service. My belief is that relationships, dialogue and interaction with people are the beginning of effective design. Communication and transparency are pushed to the front with my approach.

I also like to work in a explorative and open way by putting preconception and prejudice aside, but ironically and often this is within the tried and true. I do not seek the singular for the sake of uniqueness.

Over 20 years in practice I have gained experience across the spectrum of architecture from pre-design to design development and construction administration.

I understand the building process and compliance, I can give careful guidance and I am good at managing expectations. I favour working slowly and carefully. The value you gain from my help will appreciate over time.

I believe all sites have specific climates, economies, characteristics: and the needs of their owners. My approach is holistic.

To accommodate more substantial briefs I collaborate with a couple of like-minded friends/colleagues.